Zenmate VPN 3 Months Premium + Unlimited Trick ! [Exclusive]


Description :

ZenMate VPN – a simple way to ensure a safe web surfing. Encrypts Internet traffic and protects Wi-Fi connection removes the geo-restrictions and protects the privacy of the network.ZenMate Premium apart extensions for browsers Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera, offers a stand-alone application for Windows and Mac OSX, mobile applications for Android and iOS. Also available is the choice of VPN-servers in various countries, including Romania, France, Germany, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Singapore, Canada and the United States.

Instructions :

  1. First of all go to [Here] & Click On “Get Free premium Now”
  2. Now check the box that i am not a robot.
  3. You’ll get an serial number.
  4. Now Login Into Your Account
  5. Apply Serial by going On Here
  6. Now click on the “Free” Button
  7. That’s it ! Enjoy

Unlimited Trick

  1. After doing all steps above..Open an Private Window (Of your browser)
  2. Go to the Promotion Page From private window
  3. Click on get premium for free button & Tick i am not a robot.
  4. You’ll get another code on private window.Copy It
  5. Now come in main window & go on Here
  6. Click On Already Got An Activation Code & Apply your code & Click On “Free” Button
  7. Now Re-Open the private window again & follow steps 2-7 Again in order to get unlimited
  8. Enjoy 🙂



3 Months Serial Promotion Page

Apply Activation Code Page

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27 Responses

  1. Napoleon3411 says:

    thanks again bro 🙂 bad thing is: the servers from Zen mate are hosted in germany that means i wont be invisible

  2. boraq0000 says:

    another trick : clear browsing history(1h) every time u receive a key ^_^

  3. Sunil Barwal says:

    lol, This is f***ing awesome!

  4. lavin says:

    I don’t get the unlimited part….does it mean i should first finish the 3 month then go to promotion page??what do u mean by unlimited??unlimited time instead of 3 months??

    • Core-X says:

      Follow the unlimited trick in order to get unlimited
      You need to follow the steps again & again So that “3 + 3 + 3 + So on…” added to your subscription 🙂

  5. ALI ZAIN says:

    Another easy way is to use Tor Browser 🙂

  6. isomind says:

    Fuck that is actually sick and decent thanks a lot! how you find this shit is crazy i use this vpn everyday well the free version now i have until october 2016 because i did it 3-4 times 😉

  7. Fakhry says:

    Thank you, got 2 years 😀

  8. anand says:

    Hi when i have disabled Zenmate my youtube become in restricted mode i can search only few things all are irrelevant

  9. WOW, I’ve got until July 2020..
    You are a genius..
    I wonder, do the promotion has limited time?

  10. Koku says:

    What is the maximum duration you can get for the expiration?

  11. Android says:

    It worked for me 🙂

  12. xamtra says:

    Thank you.

  13. xamtra says:

    No more working… They changed entire promotion system. I’m lucky I got enough validity till 2020.

  14. Syauqi Dirgantara says:

    share pls , i just get 3 month 1 fb 🙁 . someone can share your account please

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