Windows 10 Update Switch v1.0.1.292 ! [Latest]

Description :

Windows 10 Update Switch is a simple tool that enables you to turn-off or turn-on Windows 10 updates. You can also use Switch 10 to set certain connection types as metered.

Disable Updates Post Windows 10 Anniversary Update
• Prior to Windows 10 Anniversary Update you could Disable Windows 10 Updates using Group Policies. However, after the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, this option is no longer available. “Thank you Microsoft, we appreciate it!”. In result, we had to resort to unorthodox methods to disable Windows 10 updates.

What’s New :

  • Updated the ReBar Framework
  • Now can stop Windows 10 from turning the update service on.
  • Now only set changes to Metered Connections.
  • New registry permission troubleshooting section.
  • Smaller size (about 500KB less).
  • Opening the download page after install is now optional.
  • Minor bug fixes and interface tweaks.

Screenshots :


Download Links :

Windows 10 Update Switch v1.0.1.292 (1.2 Mb)

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