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Description :

Styx Masters of Shadows PC Game is a stealth based game and it was developed under the banner of Cyanide Studios. This game serves as a prequel to the game named as Styx: Of Orcs and Men. Styx Master of Shadows PC game is plotted in a time long before the happenings of the first game. You are playing as a Goblin named as Styx who is very passionate to steal the heart of World Tree. That World Tree is surrounded by the big and mighty tower of Akenash. As the game proceeds Styx comes to know better his past. As he is the first Goblin ever so he is very efficient in the abilities of covertness, Murder and burglary. So you will have to play Styx to find that Heart and steal it.The game play of this game is very unique in a sense that you must have to do all missions in Covert mode. Styx also has some very interesting and magical abilities like, He can escape very efficiently. He can observe the hidden places and things. Also he can make clones of himself by magic to help him in the jaunt. You will have to play very carefully and use his abilities as per demand. Such as the guards of the tower keep patrolling. You have to find different ways to hide and move forward and get your enemy in a secluded place where you will kill him easily and silently. As you proceed in the game you will unlock some great features of the game along with some more deadly weapons and moves of Styx. It is very enjoyable and interesting game you should give it a try.


Features of  Game :

  • Stealth based game.
  • Enthralling game mechanics.
  • Praise Worthy graphical details.
  • Good sound quality.
  • Lots of exciting missions.
  • Game for suspense lovers.

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