SmartAssembly + 6.X Keygen ! [Latest]

Description :

Smart Assembly is a .NET software improvement and protection tool. It will obfuscate and protect your .NET code and software, optimize your .NET assembly for better deployment, minimize distribution size, increase performance, and add powerful post-deployment debugging capabilities (with advanced unhandled exception reporting). Smart Assembly efficiently enables every .NET developer to deliver a smart version of his .NET assembly, in no time, and with unmatched ease.

Instructions :

  1. Download & Install Smart Assembly
  2. Disconnect internet & run keygen
  3. Copy & Paste serial from keygen to program
  4. Click On activate & It'll give an error
  5. Click Manual Activate & Copy/Paste activation request to keygen
  6. Copy & paste generated response from keygen to program
  7. Click Finish Button
  8. Thats it ! Enjoy 🙂


Download Links

SmartAssembly Setup + 6.X (5.4MB) |  Mirrors

SmartAssembly 6.X Keygen (2.1MB) |  Mirrors

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