Revsoft Hotspot v1.0.5624 {Connectify Alternative} {Exclusive}

Download Revsoft Hotspot v1.0.5624 {Connectify Alternative} {Exclusive}

Description :

In today's world there's many wireless softwares out there.but most of them runs heavy processes which may slow down your computer & they need good processors to work.Many of them are costly which needs them to be buyed before use.Revsoft hotspot is one of the light weight & freeware solution as compared to those.It doesn't runs heavy processes on user's computer.If you already have an wireless internet connection then this program come in handy for you if you want to extend the range of your wireless connection as this program is able to work as an Wi-Fi Repeater also.

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Revsoft Hotspot 1.0.5624 {Connectify Alternative}.exe (703KB)  |  Mirrors

Download Revsoft Hotspot v1.0.5624 {Connectify Alternative} {Exclusive}

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