Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 Pro & Enterprice + Update 1 & Licence Keys ! [Latest]

Visual Studio

Microsoft’s Visual Studio 2015 is an integrated solution for developing, debugging, and deploying all kinds of applications. It takes up several gigabytes. Visual Studio has specific settings for different areas of development work, starting with General Development and including Project Management, Web Development, and various programming languages.


  1. Download & Install Visual Studio 2015
  2. Launch It & Click Help->Register Product
  3. Enter The Serial & Activate
  4. That’s It ! Enjoy 🙂



Professional Version


Enterprice Version



Download Links

Visual Studio 2015 Professional ISO Only (3.8GB)

Visual Studio 2015 Enterprice ISO Only (3.8GB)


Update 1  (221.8MB)

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  1. I have installed the Enterprise edition but every time i try to execute a project i get the fallowing ERROR : “csc.exe” exited with code -1.”

        1. Have you tried other projects i:e Windows forms, Console ETC. Are They Build Correctly ?
          Better To Repair Your Visual Studio.
          Try This To Repair : Link

          1. Thank you for your answer , yes i have tried different type of projects , now i will try to repair the VS

  2. i dont know how to install this file .
    when i went to setup and to install its not performing
    The file name as like below
    i dont know how to install tmp file
    please help
    Iam using windows 10 64bit

    1. Have you downloaded it fully ?
      Is IT Stopped In Between ? If Not Then Copy This File To Another folder & rename it.Remove that .tmp word from the file & try to mount it 🙂

      1. I downloaded the file again from kickass .i mount the image and its running when iam going to install it is asking for internet connection failed and some of the features will not be installed should i connect internet and then install r without internet
        is internet required to install vs enterprise

  3. does VS 2015 will install on windows 7 service pack 1. I tried to open .exe of VS 2015 enterprise but nothing is happening a message is showing that it is not responding . how can install it on Windows 7 service pack one. please tell me.

  4. When I enter the code in enterprise and click activate, nothing happens! What do I do? I have been trying so much but nothing happens. I have administrator access and everything.

          1. That’s 90 days! (I tried it without entering my Microsoft account too, without internet as well when it said 30 days were remaining). Are you sure that there is nothing else I should try? I really would prefer that it doesn’t make me force to switch to another IDE after I get comfortable with it for 3 months…

      1. Hi
        Excuse me.!
        I am using Microsoft Visual Team Foundation Server 2013 (tfs 2013) and I want to upgrade it to 2015 but can not found crack or serial number for it.

          1. You need Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2015 Serial Or Crack ?
            If so then its ready…Will be posted by today or tomarrow 🙂

        1. Hi
          Very very thanks. Yes I have Visual studio team foundation server 2015 serial dose not matter serial number or crack it matter tfs 2015 with serial number or crack.

  5. Hi Core-X ,
    Can you please upload intel parallex Studio 2016 update 1 license file and setup ,it’s a great help bro.
    At least a license file
    Thank you.

      1. Thnx for the reply bro,Even Intel Parallex 2015 updated 5 does not fully support for Visual Studio 2015,Intel Dev zone said,Intel Parallelx 2016 update 1 fully supported.Problem is we cannot upgrade current Intel parallelx studio 2015 license to it.If you can provide a solution it will be a great help.

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