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DraStic DS Emulator v2.4.0.0a Cracked Apk ! [Updated]

DraStic DS Emulator v2.4.0.0a Cracked Apk ! [Updated]


DraStic is a fast Nintendo DS emulator for Android. In addition to being able to play Nintendo DS games full speed on many Android devices.


  • Customize the placement and size of the DS screens, for portrait and landscape modes
  • Fully supports add-on controllers, and physical controls in devices like nVidia Shield and Xperia Play
  • Save and resume your progress anywhere with save states
  • Tweak your gaming experience with a database of thousands of cheat codes
  • Synchronize your save games with your online Google Drive space
  • Increase emulation speed with fast-forward

What’s New

  • Added fog emulation
  • Added user profiles
  • Several optimizations and game fixes
  • Fixed custom clock UI
  • Added workaround for X86 on Android 4.4+
  • Fixes some performance problems on Android 5.0
  • Edge marking
  • Cheat editor
  • Savestate fixes
  • Slot2 gamepak support


  1. Uninstall previous versions of DraStic DS Emulator completely
  2. Download This Apk From Given Link
  3. Install It Normally
  4. That’s All ! Enjoy 🙂


Download Links

DraStic DS Emulator v2.4.0.0a Cracked Apk (11.8 MB)  |  Mirror

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  1. It didnt work. I installed it, but when i started it wanted to verificate and then it said ”your licens could not be verified’ error code 561. …..

  2. my phone is not rooted and i installed it but it says it needs verification of license.
    is there any way to install it without rooting my phone?

  3. I have the One from One Plus. It’s rooted and I’m using the Fusion ROM. The app is still requesting license verification and giving the 502 error.

  4. Working well so far Speed and audio syncs well but occasionally unsyncs after last update. I also have a seperate question soon i will be changing to a newer phone can i just redownload it for free after i log into the playstore with my google account? Also how to safely transfer saved data to another device? Rather have a detailed explination then accidently corrupting files

      1. That’s exactly what I did, but it still checks for liscence. Can you create a copy of the patched apk you made, and upload? It’d be much easier than asking everyone to patch it, considering it works very rarely.

      1. you need to have a rooted phone for this to work. Patch with lucky patcher and the application will work. It worked for me and it’s been working since last December

  5. It works. Open lucky patcher. Select drastic ds and click remove license verification in the menu of patches. Click selected pattern.tick everything.make sure u select final licence verification (inverse). And then its done.

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