Download Sublime Text 3 (Build 3143) x64 x86 Portable Free Full Version

Sublime Text

Sublime Text is a sophisticated text editor for code, markup and
prose. You'll love the slick user interface, extraordinary features
and amazing performance. Sublime Text is full to the brim with
editing features. Sublime Text is a very extensible and customizable
editor. It does many things out of the box, but if you spend some
time tailoring it to your exact needs, it will give you superpowers.

Normal installations separate data between two folders: the
installation folder proper, and the data directory. Normal
installations also integrate Sublime Text with the Windows context
menu. Portable installations will keep all files Sublime Text needs
to run in one single folder. You can then move this folder around
and the editor will still work.


copy crack file 'sublime_text.exe' to installed program folder and
replace original file. crack or restore vbs file will automatically
backup original file and copy crack to default installation folder.
if default program folder is not found a browse for folder window
will open. runasadmin registry settings are added, user account is
granted full permissions to program folder and program will start.
original file is restored if already cracked with backup file.

- or -

run hta file 'Sublime Text HTA Patch' located in the HTA Patch
folder. the vbscript in the hta file will search parent directory
and default install location, if program folder is not found a browse
for folder window will open. the hta file will backup original file,
use HexPatcher.exe to seek and replace registration byte patterns and
apply runasadmin registry settings, user account is granted full
permissions to program folder and program will start when done.

- or -

simply run program file, original file has been renamed with 'bak'
extension and program file has been cracked as registered.

- optional -

program internet access can be blocked with the 'firewall program
context menu' vbscript.

Program Note
VBScript syntax highlighting is included in the Data Packages folder
Graelyht scheme is included, gray background with white foreground


Release Date......: 2017/09/25
Uploader..........: 1n0n1m0s
Upstream Rate.....: 625 kB/s
Availability......: 24/7 to new version
Operating System..: windows x64/x86
Content Type......: computer software
Program Type......: script editor
Crack Editor......: x96dbg
Patch Editor......: hexpatcher
Patch Type........: crack, hta patch
Image Editor......: photoshop elements 10
Icon Editor.......: icofx
Script Editor.....: sublime text
Audio Converter...: ffmpeg, modplug tracker
Audio Player......: xmplay
NFO Editor........: notepad, nfopad
NFO Font..........: courier new, reg, 8
NFO Encoding......: utf-8
Monitor Resolution: 1920x1080
Text Size (DPI)...: 120dpi


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