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General informations
New technologies in the heart of the system make your mac more reliable, versatile and responsive, laying the groundwork in keeping with destiny innovations. In macos high sierra, the apps and the features you use every day are perfect nations. is the highest peak ever reached by macos.

New technologies. A great thrill.
The new ultra-sierra macos is based on modern technologies that improve the most important functions of the mac. We have redesigned the data storage system and released all the power of the graphics processor, making streaming video even more fluid. So your mac is ready to step with to keep up with everything you do every day.

Apple record device. Congratulations to the organization.
Documents, photos, emails, apps are all important data in keeping with you, and it's the task of your mac's document device to organize them into records and folders that you can open with a click. The actual report device was designed along with the first mac and has always behaved very well, but today i. A. Flash technology in our PCs opens up new horizons of innovation. it is time to lay a new base in the future: With macros over sierra, every mac with flash storage comes apple report machine, which thanks to an evolved architecture provides a new level of reactivity and security.

Evolution. The new 64-bit architecture is thought to be in keeping with today's flash technology los angeles and to be ready to accommodate the future of archiving.

Reactivity. The most common operations are instantaneous. You can duplicate a file or view the contents of a folder at a glance.

Safety. Integrated encryption, crash proofing systems, simpler backups of data wherever you are: we do everything we can to make you sleep quietly.

HEVC. The new popular video.
Now that 4k videos are more and more popular, the Mac is debuting a new standard: it's called excessive efficiency video coding or even h.265.1 and can compress reports up to 40% more than the current widespread h .264. So videos stream more fluid and occupy less space on your mac while keeping the same level of quality.2

Metallic 2. Los angeles graphics play hard.
Today, more than ever, los angeles quality of mac experience is based on laptop graphics processors, the so-called gpu, which become more powerful every day. L. A. Metal technology, integrated in macos, allows apps to fully exploit l. A. Power of gpu. And now in high Sierra macos, Steel 2 brings visual experience to a new level by adding a number of features like auto learning, virtual reality los angeles and external gpu support in step with apps dedicated to entertainment and professional creativity. So, when you play, create content or software software developments, metallic 2 gives you all the power you need to give your imagination life.

Virtual reality consistent with mac. Everything else.
With macos high sierra, for los angeles first time developers can create interactive virtual reality experiences on the mac using the new imac with 5k display display, the new imac seasoned coming to first-class 2017 or any mac compatible with an external gpu .3 thanks to optimized support in keeping with valve steamvr, htc live viewer and apps like very last cut pro x, epic unreal four editor and cohesion editor, developers have everything you need in step with creating new immersive worlds and all to explore.

Your favorite apps and features. A good push also according to them.
New photo app features let you browse, organize, and rearrange your shots as you've never done before. Safari navigation is increasingly custom made in line with you. Finding messages in mail is even more immediate. With macros excessive sierra, an already fantastic experience becomes extraordinary.

Photo. New tweaks, new collections, new wow.
The photos and the mac have always agreed. With macos high sierra you have new tools to have fun with your shots and organize your collections at the best.

Advanced Photo Editing Tools. Improve your best shots.
If you want to retouch the contrast and color of your photos, you can do it easily by using tools such as curves consistent with adjusting contrast, or "selective color" to increase saturation. And with new inspirational filters, in a few clicks you can give your shots an unmistakable look.


Macos high sierra is compatible with macbook and imac exceptional 2009 and following, and macbook air, macbook seasoned, mac mini and mac pro 2010 and following.


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