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CyberLink PhotoDirector 7.0.6901.54961 Deluxe & Ultra + Keygen ! [Latest]

Description :

Photo editing is a plus for those that really consider to be photographers. Not only does it help correct some errors that might appear to be unnoticeable before a picture is taken, but also add some finishing touches, and emphasize certain aspects that the end viewer should firstly see. Amongst various application with which this can be achieved, counts CyberLink PhotoDirector.


  1. Disconnect internet completely
  2. Right click on CORE's keygen & click on run as administrator
  3. Install PhotoDirector
  4. Click Patch Button On Keygen & generate a serial using it
  5. Double click on Ready.reg file & merge it to registry
  6. Now Run The Application & Register using serial {Don't close the keygen}
  7. Produce a 4K .WMA or MPEG-4 file with the app.
    After that, the app will ask you to register manually. Click on the URL
    (should look like this: http://www.cyberlink.com/cae/xxxx/photodirector/activation?id=xxxxxxx-xxx).
  8. Copy this activation url to your clipboard and paste it to CORE's keygen to generate an activation code.
  9. That's It ! Enjoy


Download Links

CyberLink PhotoDirector 7.0.6901.54961 Deluxe Setup.exe  (276MB)

CyberLink PhotoDirector 7.0.6901.54961 Ultra Setup.exe  (277MB)

Cyberlink Photodirector Keygen.zip (206KB) |  Mirrors

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  1. Please enter the ID displayed in the CyberLink program to get the activation code:

    I got this message:

    This activation service is no longer available.
    Upgrade to the full version to get playback support and more. 🙁

      1. it doesn’t work, clearly u guys do not care, i realize to each person who ask you say the same message… please follow the instructions it works followed by smiley face… I ask you to provide me with the actual keygen, not to download something that doesn’t work and is virus contaminated. You need to provide better customer service, clearly your instructions are flawed my so many people are having the same problems

        1. Actual Keygen here : https://userscloud.com/0qbg4ua4pjug
          & instructions given before screenshots.You can check them as an proof.We tested every application before upload.so first try & then ask for help as if you’ll follow properly & carefully then it will work.
          And secondly that’s the best support we have been giving to our visitors.You can try another sites for sure & they’ll not even bother to reply.

          1. And regarding the Virus? What about that? Yes i must give you that, you do reply timely do i would prefer something more straight forward. I already have the programme I just need the code

          2. Huh ?
            You wanna virus free ?
            Then why don’t you gonna buy from official website ?
            No any one will give you the code straight forward.As there is no any code available that can be used as they have server checks.that’s why we provided you this & gave you the full instructions.We care of visitors & no any other web.That’s why we test each & every application before posting.

          3. Then we can’t assist you because in order to assist you we need a chat.That should be direct so any problems mentioned will be directly solved.Now its all upto you to follow it carefully.

  2. I can start the Keygen (with “run as admin”), see the animation and hear the music but when I use “Patch”-Function after the installation of PhotoDirector I get an message from Windows “Keygen.exe doesn’t work no longer. The program will not run normally because of a problem. The program will now close and you will be informed when a solution ist available.” (The message was translated from german and perhaps it doesn’t fit the original message 100%).

    1. Check if your antivirus program blocking application from running or if application you are trying to patch is running.These can be two possible reasons. 🙂

  3. Hi, i followed exactly as u wrote but it still shows 30 days, 29 days, etc trial when i open it .. is it normal or i did something wrong while installing ?

    1. you have installed any older versions before ?
      if so then you’ll have to completely uninstall it before reinstalling this one….

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