cfosspeed v10.12 Build 2262 – Trial Reset


cFosSpeed – is a universal program, which is a network driver, which is joined to the existing Internet connection and optimizes data transfer by means of Traffic Shaping. Traffic Shaping – a method for optimizing the Internet traffic, providing the optimum speed with minimum delay. You can use cFosSpeed with a router and / or a DSL-modem or cable-modem. It is also possible to use with other types of Internet connections. cFosSpeed provides a wide variety of connections, like DSL, cable, ISDN, UMTS, and others.

Also, one of the main objectives cFosSpeed is to improve data throughput by avoiding network congestions. The program interface is translated into many languages, including Russian language.


  • CFosSpeed prevents one application (eg, email) to score all the others, such as phone calls, chat and so on. D.
  • CFosSpeed supports your ping fast, so you can play online games and download files simultaneously.
  • All important data packets are automatically given higher priority over unimportant. With this program CFosSpeed and its Protocol of priorities you can customize their applications ideal and / or adding new programs.
  • Analyze your data in real time: With the new status window you can easily recognize which data streams you currently pass.
  • cFosSpeed – popular software product for fans of online gaming, peer to peer networks and consumer audio and video streaming.
  • cFosSpeed can itself be calibrated depending on the connection. Usually, the best results can be achieved after a few days of using the program, which can load the incoming and outgoing bandwidth at full speed.
  • Improves your Ping for online games
  • Supports Internet quickly during heavy loading / unloading
  • NEW: Improves Mobile Internet.

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  1. This reset trial version works with version 10.10

  2. The trial reset with this version does not work …. I had to return to 10.10 with the working trial with 12.10 version as soon as I reset only me expired !!

  3. Hello everyone I wanted to point out that the download link does not open unsecured connection controlled thanks ….

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