AOMEI PE Builder v1.5 [Latest]


AOMEI PE Builder is a powerful Windows PE creation tool. Relying on Windows software environment (Windows Pre-installation Environment), it can create a Windows PE system which carrying a Desktop and Explorer and furthermore can burn Windows PE system to USB flash drive or CD/DVD or ISO image file. The function of the Windows PE system created by PE Builder is similar to that of Windows system. Besides, the PE system has many common tools (backup and recovery tool and partition tool, etc) and also gives users the right to add tools or drivers as they want. When users create rescue media, it supports to add portable tools to Windows PE to specialize their own system according to their will. After starting the computer from the created Windows PE, users can execute many operations which are complex or even impossible in Windows. For example, when system cannot start, users can recover or restore it by entering Windows PE. In general, it is a practical and easy-to-use Windows PE system creation tool which certainly will bring you surprise.


  • Graphic Operational InterfaceUnlike traditional WinPE environment, it brings you a user-friendly graphical interface and a familiar Windows environment, including desktop, Windows explorer, start menu, taskbar, etc. It is easy to use just like using Windows 7. The Windows PE bootable media can be a CD/DVD disc, USB flash drive, or ISO image file, so you can choose the most convenient one according to your preference.


  • Support NetworkIn most cases, the Windows PE created by AOMEI PE Builder can be connected to network; Through the network, you can download directly the off-line version of anti-virus software in the Windows PE system created by AOMEI PE Builder.


  • Pack Portable Tools and Drivers

    In desktop of AOMEI PE Builder, There are AOMEI hard disk or partition managements, and AOMEI backup & restore software, etc. If you want to use other drivers or software, you can pack them into AOMEI PE Builder.


  • FREE for both private and business use

    This software is free to use for both private and business. Individuals can use AOMEI PE Builder to maintain and manage PC system, and Enterprise will maintain computers and server with it. AOMEI PE Builder will save much time and money on system protection and maintenance for you.

  • No AIK/WAIK Installation

    To create a Windows PE media, typically you have to pre-install Windows AIK or WAIK, or prepare a Windows installation disc. Luckily, AOMEI PE Builder allows you to create a WinPE media without installing AIK/WAIK. It will save you valuable time and energy!


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