AC Power Systems Handbook by Jerry Whitaker

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AC power System Handbook Whitaker 3rd Edition

The book AC Power systems Handbook has been written by well known Author named "Jerry Whitaker".This book is famous among the students of Electrical Engineering.The book is designed for the students whose domain is AC.The author has covered each and every topic in detail which enhance the beauty and importance of the book.In this article,you will be able to download the 3rd edition of this book.

About the AC power Systems Handbook 3rd Edition:

This third edition is carefully reviewed and fully updated to reproduce the varying loads of present power systems. To comfort steering, many units are now offered as distinct chapters filled with efficient and prolonged material. Most particularly, the writer enhances deeply in the parts of power system fundamentals, transient suppression hardware & electrical system components. Succeeding a logical development, attention drifts from power system operation to protecting equipment loads, choosing the correct level of shield, grounding, backup power, and protection. Along the way, the author splatters a rich image of the foundations of disturbances, the tradeoffs involved for different decisions,benefits and restrictions of various approaches.


Whats new in AC power Systems Handbook:

  • Presents comprehensive coverage for planning, design, and maintaining commercial and industrial power systems
  • Outlines various protection options, their relative benefits, and how to determine the appropriate level of protection
  • Devotes three chapter to grounding, supplying step-by-step guidelines for designing safe systems with good performance
  • Covers all aspects of safety in detail, treating the subject with deserving care and severity
  • Features a larger format for clearer presentation while fitting more material into the same number of pages


Chapters of AC power Systems Handbook by Jerry Whitaker:

The chapters in this version are listed below

  1. Power Distribution and Control
  2. The Origins of ACLine Disturbances
  3. The Effects of Transient Disturbances
  4. Power System Components
  5. Power System Protection Alternative
  6. Facility Protection Method
  7. Facility Grounding
  8. Standby Power Systems
  9. Safety and Protection System
  10. Power Quality Standards


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